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Because they are the perfect affordable resource for women looking to start, or learn how to scale their business. They have helped thousands of women start and grow businesses, and we think they may be perfect for you to here is why:


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Each one of our courses was crafted by a leader in that industry. Each course was created with information from someone who makes six figures in that field. They use their experience to teach you exactly what you need to do to get to success in that industry. You can trust that our courses were crafted by leaders, and experts so you are getting the very best information that we have to offer. This is information that can change your business for good.

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Who wants to sift through a bunch of poop when they are trying to build an empire? No one! So we make sure our courses are easy to navigate straight to the point and full of tactical advice only. This means everything we teach is a real action you can take to start or grow your business. We don’t want to you to waste any time because we know how precious your time is and because of that we only put the best stuff in our courses.

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These are the courses that are currently open for enrollment but we have tons more! If you are interested in being on the waitlist for when other courses are announced or open for enrollment sign up for our email tribe here.

Pin it Perfect


How to Scale Your Business Using Pinterest

Pin it Perfect’s purpose is to teach any type of business owner how they can use a Pinterest account to scale their business. The person who created this course created it after using the method in it to grow her business from making $30,000 annually to making $400,000 herself alone with no staff, and no fancy programs. If you already have a business but aren’t sure how to scale it this is the course for you. It will walk you through creating pins, making sure your account is optimized, and it will teach you the process she uses to make her pins go viral.

30 Days to Blog Success


How to build a blog and turn it into a business

30 Days to Blog Success’s purpose is to teach women how to build websites for their businesses, or to use as a blog. It walks through each thing you need to do step-by-step and will teach you everything from signing up from hosting, to designing your website, monetization, and driving traffic to your new website. It was created by a blogger who makes multiple six figures a year, and is perfect for anyone looking to start a business but isn’t sure where to start, or wants a new way to market their current business.