by Lloyd Brown 2018

by Lloyd Brown 2018

“In a small business every dollar matters.”

We got our start in 2016 as a group of Marketing students at The University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

We realized that there was tons of digital marketing agencies in the area but they were all like “give me your money and I’ll handle your social media, we will help you build a brand” but none that were like “Let me show you how to use digital media yourself so you can build your own brand, and increase sales”.

Those people are the ones who truly need digital marketing the most. They often can’t afford to hire an agency to just “handle it” they’ve got to stumble through it themselves if they want to figure it out. So we decided to start teaching small business owners how they can build their businesses into brands everyone knows BY THEMSELVES.

In order to teach small business owners all they need to know we have crafted courses, e-books, and digital live events where we walk the business owners (or employees) through each of the steps they need for their specific business, and industry.

And we do it for 1/10th of the price of the price because we understand how crucial every dollar is to a small business.

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